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Mulching: Best Types of Organic Mulches for Your New Garden

Boost to Your Garden!

When it comes to mulching service, the use of organic mulches is often recommended to boost your garden’s health and aesthetics. Organic mulches are derived from natural materials that decompose over time, enriching the soil and supporting plant growth. They also help retain soil moisture, suppress weeds, and regulate soil temperature. This article explores four types of organic mulches that will benefit your new garden.

Wood Chips or Bark

Wood chips and bark are popular organic mulch options for landscaping services due to their attractive appearance and long-lasting nature. Hardwood chips, bark nuggets, and shredded bark provide excellent moisture retention and weed control while slowly releasing nutrients back into the soil as they break down. Ideal for use around trees, shrubs, and perennial beds, wood chips also create a tidy look in your landscape.

Grass Clippings

A cost-effective choice, grass clippings are an excellent source of nitrogen as they decompose quickly. When used as mulch around vegetable gardens and flowerbeds, they can improve soil structure by adding valuable organic matter while enhancing nutrient content in the process. Be sure to let clippings dry out a bit before application to prevent mold or unpleasant odor development.


Dried leaves, also known as leaf mold when composted, can be outstanding mulch material when collected in autumn—providing garden beds with nutrients like potassium and calcium along with necessary trace minerals. Used loosely or shredded, leaves help maintain cooler soil temperatures and promote moisture conservation during hot summer months. To speed up decomposition for a quicker nutrient supply, run over collected leaves with a lawnmower before application.


Compost is a nutrient-rich organic mulch option that supports water retention, optimizes soil structure, and stimulates beneficial microorganisms in the soil. Both homemade and commercially available compost contains essential nutrients for plant growth. Applying compost as a top layer not only increases nutrient availability in your garden but also contributes to an attractive landscape design.

If you need professional advice or assistance in choosing the right organic mulch for your garden, reach out to our expert mulching service team at EPL Landscaping. We provide tailored solutions for all your gardening needs in Lathrop, CA. For more information or to schedule a consultation, please call us at (209) 443-9651.